Victoria Murray

Author of Horror Fiction

<p>New short story for October! </p><p>Download here: <a href=""></a></p>

New short story for October! 

Download here:

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Scary Summer Sale

Live Hate Die is half price this week:
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5 star review for Live Hate Die

“…Murray writes very well, with a fluidity, authenticity and humour that is immediately engaging. I’m not a fan of the horror genre; I’m one of those readers/viewers who quickly switch off when ‘people of a nervous disposition’ are invited to do so, but because I cared about these characters and was intrigued by the story I read on… and on ( as long as I wasn’t alone in the house on a dark night; actually a high accolade in the circumstances). I’m not sure I’m a total convert to horror-writing, but I wouldn’t hesitate to read something else as good - and I’ll certainly be looking out for Murray’s second novel.”

Live Hate Die

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Live Hate Die... new horror

Last chance today to get new novel, Live Hate Die, for free.

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Posted 280 weeks ago
<p>Celebrate the weekend! Live Hate Die is free until the 19th July!</p>

Celebrate the weekend! Live Hate Die is free until the 19th July!

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Vicky Dolan, fine artist
Check out Vicky Dolan’s new website. She’s the fabulous artist who created the illustration for my novel, Live Hate Die.

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<p>Download Live Hate Die now – <b><a href="">click here</a></b></p>

Download Live Hate Die now – click here

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